Top 8 Dallas Donut Shops

Outstanding Donut Destinations in Dallas

Through sheer commitment and a love for the circular confectionery, I’ve invested a significant amount of time devouring every donut I could get my hands on. The end results? A roundup of the best donut hotspots in Dallas that I’m thrilled to share with you. While my initial idea for this post lingered in my to-do list for some time, mainly because of the considerable investment in time, money, and calories, I’m ecstatic to finally bring it to you. Please note, the list not only covers Dallas but also encapsulates the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

With an abundance of donut purveyors in the DFW area, it was a challenge to whittle down my choices. Still, allow me to take you on a delectable tour of the finest donuts in Dallas:

Jarams Donuts

  • Address: 17459 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252
  • Phone: (972) 248-7474

Regarded as the masters of donut craftsmanship in North Dallas, Jarams Donuts pride themselves on the artful creation of their donuts without any compromise on quality. Jarams specializes in exquisite gourmet donuts. Conveniently for me, one of their two locations happens to be just a few miles from my residence. Their cookie butter donut is nothing short of a taste sensation. Visit their website at

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Hypnotic Donuts

  • Address: 9007 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218
  • Phone: (214) 668-6999

Hypnotic Donuts has made a name for themselves with their unconventional donut innovations such as their signature “Hypnotic”—a chocolate cake donut covered with a frosting blend of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. They also offer a donut topped with pretzels, peanut butter Cap’n Crunch, all smothered with caramel and chocolate. Even though my personal favorite was unfortunately discontinued, I still remain a huge fan of their ever-evolving offerings. Their sprinkle donut is simply irresistible. More information can be found at

Hypnotic Donutss

Mustang Donuts

  • Address: 6601 Hillcrest Ave #D, Dallas, TX 75205
  • Phone: (214) 363-4878

Mustang Donuts has been instrumental in helping the SMU community to indulge a little, contributing to the infamous “freshman 15” for numerous years. Make sure not to leave without sampling their renowned apple fritter, a delicious combination of fried dough and crunchy sweet apple blanketed with a glistening sugar glaze. My fond childhood memories of Mustang Donuts are filled with regular visits before we moved to Fort Worth. A quintessential family-owned business, it bustles with families over the weekend. They offer my all-time favorite sprinkle donut in Dallas.

Mojo Donuts

  • Address: 6522 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209
  • Phone: (469) 236-1305

Home to incredible donuts and incredibly warm and diligent owners, Mojo Donuts has always been a hit with my family and me. It was heartbreaking to hear that the store suffered substantial damage due to a car accident. We cherished our Saturday mornings tailgating in the parking lot with coffee and donuts, while watching planes ascend and descend. I would readily support a GoFundMe campaign to aid the owners in resuming their operations.

While the surroundings might be somewhat dubious (a word of caution: avoid lingering outside to take photos as one can’t predict who might approach), the delectable donuts served here are totally worth it. I indulged in the cronut and blueberry donut, which I devoured within minutes.

Astonishing! Donuts & Drips

  • Address: 8811 Teel Pkwy #160, Frisco, TX 75034
  • Phone: (469) 514-2647

The time-tested pairing of donuts and coffee is universally acknowledged but has seldom reached its pinnacle – glazed, filled, sprinkled, and expertly crafted. Astonishing! emerged to disrupt this stereotype, redefining this iconic combination in a fresh and inventive manner.

Hypnotic Donut

I’m drawn to Astonishing! whenever I crave a donut during a work-heavy day. Unlike many donut stores, they remain open throughout the day and provide an expansive workspace. Their donuts are delightfully cute and delectable – the rainbow one is my personal favorite!

Delightful Donuts

  • Address: 4355 Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX 75225
  • Phone: (214) 520-7680

These are by far the most unique and tasteful donuts I’ve ever savored. They offer a vast assortment of types, flavors, icings, shapes, and sizes, even including a few ‘simple’ donuts. Kolaches, also referred to as piggy’s, are available in a spectrum of flavors. There’s even a bacon variant. My children are absolutely enamored with this spot.

Best Donuts Dallas

Delightful Donuts is my go-to for a cake donut in Dallas. They garnish their donuts with the finest icing and also offer some really playful ones, like cookies n cream or those resembling Hello Kitty. It’s impossible for me to leave without grabbing a pig-in-a-blanket!

Scenic Route Doughnuts and Coffee

  • Address: 8161 FM 423, Frisco, TX 75036
  • Phone: (469) 535-3585

The array of seasonal doughnut flavors are quaintly penned on a chalkboard in an elegant script: pistachio ganache, blueberry goat cheese, and even an “everything doughnut” (bearing resemblance to a bagel) complemented with a creamy onion spread.

Top Donuts Dallas

This one requires a bit of a trek for us Dallas inhabitants, but my affection for the proprietor and their donuts makes it worth it! They offer cute holiday-themed donuts AND macarons! I treated myself to their donuts around Valentine’s Day and I must say, they’re the best festive donuts I’ve ever had.

Passionate Pursuit of Donuts at Earnest Donuts

  • Address: Situated at 4740 TX-121 #700, Lewisville, TX 75056
  • Phone: (214) 469-1177

Boasting a vast assortment of distinctive donuts, Earnest Donuts sets the bar high. The atmosphere is enhanced by their congenial and warm staff. It’s absolutely worth the over an hour commute to savor their delectable offerings, a journey I am always willing to share with as many fellow donut enthusiasts as possible. Having tasted the culinary masterpieces they create, I can confidently say, no other donut shop rivals them in terms of quality and variety. It truly is an investment of time well rewarded.

Best Dallas Donuts

Although it necessitates a trip to Lewisville, believe me when I say, the experience is worth every mile traversed! The object of my utmost admiration? Their tantalizing DONUT HOLES. opt for the classic glazed and I can guarantee a sensory delight you won’t regret.

While it was necessary to establish a boundary, I felt compelled to acknowledge a few other remarkable establishments that I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to revisit for capturing photographs. They include the likes of Funky Town Donuts, The Donut Kitchen, Dough Boy Donuts, and Hurt’s Donuts.

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