Dallas’s Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

Top Ice Cream Parlors in Dallas

The city of Dallas is teeming with a plethora of ice cream parlors, and we have gathered a selection of our top picks. These range from traditional soft serve to the unique concept of ice cream filled donuts, along with classic sundaes, milkshakes, and more… perfect for a hot summer day or any day that calls for a sweet treat.

The metroplex is chock-full of delightful spots to satisfy your dessert cravings, with Dallas being a standout. My choice to highlight ice cream first came from the realization that with the soaring temperatures, most people are likely in search of a refreshing, cool dessert. Below, I’ll share my personal list of preferred ice cream parlors, but let’s be real, the number of establishments worth exploring is vast.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

2649 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226; Phone: (469) 317-7126

Exquisitely intricate and utterly tantalizing, Jeni’s ice cream is incomparable, taking the crown as the finest I’ve ever savored. Its hefty price tag mirrors its premium quality, making it the priciest I’ve ever encountered. On the bright side, the steep cost serves as a deterrent to frequent indulgence, assisting in the adherence to my weight loss objectives. The profound intensity of the Darkest Chocolate and the subtle blend of Coffee and Cream are my preferred flavors. The dark chocolate, with its extraordinary richness and strength, has captured my heart. The coffee flavor stands its ground, offering a delightful experience. I wholeheartedly suggest a little extravagance for their homemade waffle cones, which are an absolute treat.

Established in early 2021, Jeni’s is the latest addition to this compilation of ice cream parlors. With its roots in Ohio, the company boasts more than 40 outlets scattered across the United States. Jeni’s takes immense pride in the distinctively silky texture and rich, buttercream body of its ice creams. Their novel flavors can be found in pint-sized containers at local grocery outlets such as Foxtrot Market, Royal Blue, Whole Foods, and Central Market. However, we strongly recommend a visit to their store in Deep Ellum, easily identifiable by the classic Jeni’s Ice Cream light bulb sign. It’s the perfect backdrop for a memorable Instagram snap!

MELT Ice Creams

405 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX 75208; Phone: (214) 432-0183

Since its establishment in 2014, Melt has been a beacon of joy, offering delightful ice cream to the cherished residents of Fort Worth. The inception of the company is credited to Kari Crowe-Seher, who identified a crucial void in Fort Worth’s vibrant Near Southside – the absence of ice cream. Driven by her zeal for enriching lives with happiness and backed by her spouse Mark’s expertise in finance, Melt began its journey with an aim to serve scoops of joy. From then on, we’ve devoted ourselves to crafting unique flavors that have been the reason behind countless smiles across the Metroplex and beyond.

The announcement of Melt’s new outlet in Dallas sent waves of excitement through me! Originating from Fort Worth, it holds a special place in my heart as my go-to ice cream spot, owing to its cheerful branding and incredibly tasty ice cream. With an exciting monthly rotation of flavors, Melt always ensures there’s at least one extraordinary flavor that takes you by surprise with its mouth-watering goodness.

Cauldron Ice Cream

3001 Knox St #103, Dallas, TX 75205; Phone: (469) 862-4100

Having savored the innovative, homemade delight that is the cauldron dessert, I found my craving for sweetness fully gratified. This marked my initial encounter with liquid nitrogen ice cream, and I was thoroughly charmed – from the distinctive tastes to the aromatic vanilla. Observing the process was intriguing and the serving size pleasantly exceeded my expectations. Remarkably, the ice cream maintains its chill, remaining undripped.

Cauldron is the destination for those seeking a novel, picturesque ice cream indulgence! It is the birthplace of the exclusive Puffle Cone, revolutionizing the concept of ice cream presentation. On offer are flavors like Vietnamese coffee, sun moon and stars, earl grey lavender, and brown sugar milk tea. This is all packed into a soft, waffle-like cone, rendering a truly distinctive, interstellar ice cream sensation.

Milk & Cream

7421, 5420 Ross Ave #160, Dallas, TX 75206; Phone: (214) 377-7821

Deep-fried delicacies, luscious ice cream, and the nostalgic crunch of Fruity Pebbles might not be what you associate with California’s food scene, but prepare for a paradigm shift. Milk & Cream, a culinary gem hailing from California, just opened its doors in the vicinity of Lower Greenville this past weekend. Once you experience their iconic milk and cream bun, staples like avocados and fish tacos will be distant memories.

Donuts and ice cream together? Absolutely! When this gastronomic haven first launched, I was beyond excited—they had merged two of my ultimate indulgences. The ice cream flavors might be considered mainstream, but imagine savoring them sandwiched between a warm donut, halved and adorned with an array of toppings. This is a culinary experience that demands to be included in your life.

Nestled at the tail end of Lower Greenville, Milk & Cream is the epicenter of gourmet ice cream and photogenic sweet delights. They offer a tantalizing assortment of flavors, such as banana pudding, cookie butter, cereal milk, and the irresistible cookie monster ice cream. Plus, there’s no shortage of toppings to elevate your treat to the next level!

Baldo’s Ice Cream & Coffee

6401 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205; Phone: (972) 913-4001

We opted for the assortment of six mini cone samplers to relish a variety of tastes. The menu was brimming with such an array of singular flavors, mingled with the standard ones, that making a selection was quite a challenge. Rest assured, any flavor you settle on will leave you with a sense of profound joy and fulfillment.

Baldo’s, a recent entrant into the Dallas ice cream scene, is not just delicious, but exudes a distinctive stylish vibe! Its journey began as a humble food cart, but the present premises allow them to offer both coffee and extraordinarily unique ice cream flavors, such as the intriguing blend of prickly pear jalapeño and the spicy twist of cinnamon cayenne. Fear not, they still cater to traditional tastes too – I found the caramel flavor delightful and the chocolate chip cookie dough variant was simply divine.

Picolé Pops

415 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208; (972) 803-3595

Immensely delightful, the popsicle I enjoyed a few days ago continues to occupy my thoughts daily! I indulged in the Ferrero Rocher, a decadently filled popsicle enrobed in rich dark chocolate and adorned with white and chocolate crunchy spheres. I couldn’t recommend it more for those in pursuit of sheer pleasure. The young man chose the S’mores, essentially a frosty treat in the form of a vanilla popsicle nestled between chocolate graham crackers. His was also cloaked in dark chocolate and garnished with the most delectable toppings – white and chocolate crunchy spheres. It was intended to come with marshmallows too, but they had run out by 9 p.m. on a Friday evening. Nonetheless, it was still a delightful experience.

My fascination with this place is limitless, plus it’s an absolutely adorable location for photography! Technically speaking, it might be popsicles rather than ice cream…but really, aren’t they fundamentally the same? THEY CERTAINLY QUALIFY IN MY OPINION! You can avail yourself of regular popsicles that are guaranteed to astound you with their deliciousness, but there’s something even more special on offer. You have the option to choose a popsicle and then select your own toppings! I opted for a strawberry popsicle, draped in chocolate and studded with sprinkles. It’s hard to explain why it tasted so exceptional…BUT IT SURELY DID!

Cowtipping Creamery

3685 The Star Blvd #201, Frisco, TX 75034; Phone: (214) 430-5227

I had previously visited the branch in Carrollton and had been eager to check out this location too. My experience was flawless. I chose the Reese’s with a spoon, substituting hot fudge with caramel sauce – a choice that proved truly delightful. The peanut butter blondie chunks that crowned my dessert were tantalizingly tasty. I am keen to sample more from their range of stackers! Each patron was presented with a dessert composed of various ice cream and topping combinations. Most of my family relished the treat. The fact that the ice cream was self-service and did not resemble custard in texture made the experience uniquely enjoyable. Some people might have desired a little more. The variety offered here is impressive. For instance, I ordered a lemon drop and found that the crispy honey-lemon topping was the highlight of my dessert.

Admittedly, I’m bending the rules a little. This one is located in Frisco, a little out of the way. However, it has truly earned a place among my top favorites – my first encounter with it was in Austin! I didn’t expect to fall head over heels for soft serve, but the way they blend the toppings into the ice cream elevates the dessert to celestial levels!

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