Discovering Justin, TX: Your Ultimate Visitor’s Guide

Activities in Justin, Texas

When it came to choosing our mode of transportation, driving to Justin seemed like the most convenient and flexible option for us. Equipped with snacks, water, and sunscreen, we loaded up our car and embarked on the approximately 40-mile journey. Taking Interstate 35W North, a direct and relatively speedy route from our home in Dallas to Justin, we had the opportunity to witness the picturesque North Texas countryside unfold before us, with the urban landscape gradually giving way to rural surroundings. As we passed through small towns and farmlands, we even caught glimpses of cows and horses grazing peacefully in the fields. In just under an hour, our excitement grew as we arrived in Justin, ready to uncover the wonders this charming community had in store for us.

With my kids in mind, I’m delighted to share some delightful activities to engage in while in Justin, TX. Here are a few of our favorite experiences:

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Being a family that relishes outdoor adventures, we thoroughly enjoyed hiking along the scenic trails and taking refreshing dips in the lake. My older children reveled in exploring the diverse trails and spotting wildlife along the way, while my youngest had a blast splashing in the water and constructing sandcastles on the beach.

Texas Motor Speedway

Given that both my husband and son are ardent racing enthusiasts, the sight of cars zooming around the track was an absolute thrill for them. They relished wandering around the paddock area, marveling at the various teams and vehicles, and even had the chance to meet a few drivers.

Justin Community Park: This park proved to be an ideal destination for my younger children, who delighted in frolicking on the playground and frolicking through the splash pad. Armed with a picnic lunch, we savored our meal beneath the shade trees while the kids reveled in their playtime.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Visiting the Stockyards was an experience that captivated all of us, as if we had stepped back into the era of the Wild West. Witnessing a cattle drive and exploring the historic shops and buildings proved to be highlights of our trip, and my kids were overjoyed to observe longhorn cattle up close.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Undoubtedly our favorite activity in Justin, this entailed a delightful train ride that presented us with a fresh perspective of the countryside. We even had the pleasure of embarking on a murder mystery dinner train ride, an engaging experience that kept us entertained throughout the evening.

Each of these activities offered something unique and enjoyable for every member of our family, leaving us with cherished memories and a deep sense of joy from our time spent in Justin, TX.

Culinary Delights in Justin

Mom’s Cafe is renowned for its classic American cuisine, with many visitors commending the welcoming service and homestyle cooking. Reviewers highly recommend the chicken fried steak and burgers, made from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. Families with children appreciate the relaxed and casual ambiance, while the affordability makes it an excellent option for families on a budget.

Rooster’s Roadhouse is a popular establishment celebrated for its barbecue and burgers. Visitors rave about the delectable ribs and brisket that leave taste buds tingling with delight. The spacious and comfortable outdoor patio, coupled with weekend live music, adds to the overall fun and lively atmosphere. Families with older kids can unwind in the casual and laid-back setting, savoring cold drinks and mouthwatering food while basking in the warm Texas sunshine.

The Mule Barn at The Haywire Ranch is a charming and rustic eatery that serves delicious sandwiches and soups within a unique and unforgettable environment. Visitors appreciate the friendly service and the opportunity to peruse locally crafted goods and gifts in the adjoining store. Families with young children may take pleasure in exploring the ranch and admiring the horses, while older kids and adults can revel in the historical significance and allure of this exceptional dining destination.

All in all, Justin, TX, offers a plethora of excellent dining options. Regardless of age or culinary preferences, families visiting Justin can discover something to satisfy their palates, whether it’s classic American fare, tantalizing barbecue, or delightful sandwiches and soups.

Discovering Justin, TX

Justin is conveniently situated at the intersection of FM 407 and 156, just four miles north of Hwy 114 and the Texas Motor Speedway. Initially settled by a group of French colonists who established the Icarian Colony in 1848, the community was subsequently abandoned after a year. The area remained sparsely populated until the early 1880s when Justin began to take shape. The town lots owned by Chet Helm and a man named Riley were put up for sale in 1883, leading to the opening of a general store within the same year. This facilitated the community’s growth as it became a hub for farmers. Four years later, the Santa Fe rail line extended from Fort Worth to Purcell, Oklahoma, passing near the burgeoning community. In January 1887, the community petitioned for a post office, which was named Justin in honor of Justin Sherman, the chief engineer of the Santa Fe rail line. By 1886, Justin boasted a population of 100, along with a general store, grocery, hotel, and cotton gin. The addition of grain elevators, frozen-food lockers, and paved roads solidified Justin’s position as a prominent shipping point for agricultural products. Since its establishment, the city has experienced remarkable growth and continues to thrive as an active and agriculture-based community.

Justin’s proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth area allows visitors to relish a rural landscape without sacrificing the convenience of complete neighborhood amenities, dining options, entertainment venues, and retail establishments.

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